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Sizzla – Blessed (Benny Page / Son of Kick / Dimond Saints)


Blessed is the third installment of preview EP’s to the Sizzla album ‘Born A King’ produced by Mista Savona, coming out everywhere on May 6th 2014. Blessed is an instant dancehall anthem, with its driving rhythms and seamless blending of bhangra, dancehall and hip-hop elements. One of the first songs recorded for the album, Blessed is Sizzla at his most inspired and defiant. It is a war-cry for the poor and oppressed in Jamaica, as he calls on both the young and old to stand up and ‘make ya life better’ – encouraging his Jamaican ghetto community to stay positive, work hard and find a way out of poverty and ‘sufferation’.

This remix EP pack features 9 remixes, starting with a kickin’ House remix by I Said No that is receiving support from Sister Bliss on Ministry Of Sound, as well as from Basement Jaxx who are playing it on their current tour. Bass music fans will love the Son Of Kick remix, which has already been tweeted about by DJ Craze, as well as receiving accolades from Bassnectar, Two Fresh, JSTJR, DJ Vadim and AWE (to name a few). Deejay Theory was recently touted by DoAndroidsDance as the next best thing to listen to for fans of Major Lazer and his remix is evidence why. Australian producer Ptero Stylus brings a hypnotic rolling Moombahton vibe, and bass heads will be loving the remixes by Andreilien and David Starfire, who both take the tune into Glitch Hop and Dubstep territory. Dimond Saints out of Oakland have been receiving rave reviews from Future-bass blogs including Earmilk, TILT, I Want DM, Break On A Cloud etc. and their remix here is a testament to their fresh new sound. The Junglist massive have been following this remix series with glee, and we’ve kept that ball rolling with a jaw-dropping remix from Benny Page. The EP ends beautifully with one of our favourite remixes so far, an ever so solid Hip-Hop version by Australian producer Monkeymarc – that nails the vibe of the original, adding a lazy swing and dirty lo-fi edge.

To give some background on this project, whilst on tour in Australia we met Mista Savona, a Melbourne based producer who had just returned from Jamaica with a bag of new riddims and an almost-completed album with legendary reggae artist Sizzla. We listened to the tunes and loved the fresh new sounds and very positive feel of the album, with its uplifting messages and inspired vocal performances. Muti Music has been releasing a series of Remix EP’s as we lead up to the album’s May 2014 release, featuring producers at the leading edge of dance music globally. These have been receiving rave reviews across the Blogosphere, play on BBC, XFM, Sirius and numerous other internet and FM stations, as well as reviews in high profile magazines like DJMAG.


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Cutline – Love That I Feel

Eat Music chomp into 2014 with yet another emphatic reminder of Cutline’s current white-hot status in global electro fusion. Within a month of release, their previous Eat Music appearance – ‘Never Let You Go’ clocked up over 50,000 plays and had a host of the world’s A-list DJs lining up to drop it in their sets.

‘Love That I Feel’ is set to compound this hype and success even further. Fittingly scheduled for a release around Valentine’s Day, it’s the Bristol duo’s most captivating and euphoric production to date. Tailored with a soft, shivering riff and a stunning vocal that’s processed with classical garage finesse, its hook heaves with themes of unity and happiness.

Like all Cutline productions, these rich, lush sonics are kept in check with a well-measured groove and precision engineered bottom end. The unrelenting 4/4 kicks with attitude while the bassline bumps and grunts with perfect levels of funk and grit.

A bold balance that ensures butts shaking and lazer-gazing dancefloor meltdowns, Cutline’s production science has reached a whole new level. Perfect for peaktimes, transitions and starry-eyed end-of-night narratives, we guarantee you’ll be feeling the love for this.

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EastColors – Toys/Creeper

Playing a major role on both the ‘Programmed V1.0’ and ‘Programmed V2.0’ EPs, it was only a matter of time before EastColors released a full single with Program. Naturally, he’s stepped up. And he’s done so with two prize-fighting productions.

‘Toys’ is a one-way ticket to the furthest boundaries of the cosmos. Warm pads purr while a frosty arpeggio twinkles and subtle guitar strums shimmer softly in the background. An ageless reminder of how delicate certain elements of D&B can be when conjured in the right hands, ‘Toys’ will instantly arrest your crowd’s imagination. Countering the dreaminess with raw bass drama, the beats and chubby subs ensure full weight and presence. Complete with a modest, memorable vocal refrain, it’s the perfect balance of elements.

‘Creeper’ sets a much darker agenda: Opening with oceanic synth washes, an unrelenting breakbeat looms ominously in the mix. Firing hi-hats take the lead before we’re plunged into a cavernous drop where layers of irresistible bass envelop us. What follows is an industrial strength roller of junglist proportions. Referencing the past to lock fully into the future, this is EastColors at his most chiselled and uncompromising.

Russia’s a hotbed for D&B talent right now, but few of its exports come close to EastColors in terms of creative skills and technical abilities. A crucial contributor to the label since its earliest incarnations: It’s time, once again, to get with the Program!

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Breaking News ft Alaska MC – Freeze EP

In Beat We Trust Music is back in the BIGness, and is proud to present the new release from our resident, Russian breaks gang – ‘Breaking News’.

Their first release on IBWTmusic, back in 2010 ‘Ya Booty’ featuring the legendary Ragga Twins, and remixes from Lady Waks & Hardy Hard blew up on breaks charts across the web! This was the cornerstone from which Breaking News reputation was built, for being the Hot new boys on the breaks block…

This time Breaking News have cooked up an even tastier treat titled ‘Freeze’ featuring, man of the moment MC Alaska!

The guys have prepped two originals of ‘Freeze’ for this release: The ‘Bootyclash mix’, which will pump up on the dancefloor with the pure bass and a touch of old school 808. Then theres the ‘Classic Booty mix’, which is constructed in the best traditions of Booty breaks, with fat sub bass and wind-up leads This is a serious contender for the No.1 spot.

Along with the originals, this package drops another two bombs. First, from rising stars of Spanish breaks and residents of both Rat Records and Hot Cakes labels – Mutantbreakz. Their remix introduces ‘Freeze’ from the completely different perspective by the adding of a dynamic & incredibly funky groove.

The Second remix from the Boisterous Brits – Se7en Deadly Breaks, from tha Rat Records stable. Already established as a trustworthy source of remix magic, Se7en Deadly Breaks bring the deep bass and change of mood again, with another very fresh take on the original.

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The Gallery @ Ministry Of Sound, London (06.12.2013)


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Dossa ‘Rucksack EP’

Pack it up, pack it in it, let us begin… Rucksacks are usually the sole preserve of smelly garms and muddy camping gear, but Mainframe are about to change the reputation of the traveller’s favourite functional baggage forever with this quadlet of absolutely monstrous D&B slammers.

It comes courtesy of Austrian audio annihilator Dossa. Originally nurtured by contemporary junglist don Benny Page and recently spotted on the well-respected Run Tingz imprint, Dossa is making some big noises right now. And this is, without doubt, his most extensive, electrifying package to date. Full-force, full-flavoured, full-of-attitude, let’s get packing…

‘Rucksack’ ignites softly with a slight arpeggio that gradually builds and builds before an elephantine riff bombards the mix with no warning whatsoever. We’re talking Pendulum levels of electrification here. As for the bassline? Just press play and see for yourself. This really is top tier gear.

One for dancers and dreamers alike, ‘Can’t Take It Longer’ is an epic roadtrip to outer space. Textured with mesmerising midrange soars that’s countered by a precision executed vocal shot and nagging staccato synth riff, there’s a heavy blend of far-gazing cosmicity running rampant throughout.

Next up, ‘Give It To Me’. A fine-tuned balance of playful dark bass and a warm, yearning soul vocal, Dossa’s conjured up a complex fusion that’s as hench as it is happy. Executed with razor sharp attention to detail on every aspect of the rhythm, this one punches with real mischief.

And so we reach the evangelistic finale. Powered with heavenly synths and a crisp riff that’s so sharp and shiny you could trim your beard with it, ‘So Good’ brings us to a fitting climax. Riddled with unmistakable end-of-night euphoria, the only danger here is turning your entire dancefloor into a big puddle of huggy mush. Absolutely beautiful.

Four sizzling cuts from a man who’s guaranteed to dominate the D&B dance in the very near future… Mainframe are repping hard on this one. Happy travels.

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John Digweed – Live in Argentina Minimix (Noveber 2013)



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Creamfields, Buenos Aires (09.11.2013)


>>Sasha<< [lstn]

>>Hernan Cattaneo<< [lstn]

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Document One – Bam Bam Pop EP

Max Records, the independent label run by British Electronic Rock Stars Modestep, are excited to announce their first signing, Document One, for the release of their latest EP – Bam Bam Pop.

With over 5 million YouTube views and counting, a couple of smash EPs on cult dance labels Never Say Die & Buygore, Document One are back with their freshest sound yet.

Document One comprises of Matt King & Joe Froud, Oxford natives who came together over a love for bass music. Their talent for electronic music production quickly established them as go to remixers for a list of well respected and varied artists including Moby, Professor Green and Asking Alexandria. Now fresh off a US tour, the boys, both multi instrumentalist musicians, have been putting the finishing touches to the EP and are preparing to set dance floors alight come October.
Matt King says \”We\’ve been working with the Modestep boys for a while now, having toured with them earlier this year, and it\’s a real honour to be the first signing to their new label.\”

Modestep added “We are extremely pleased to announce that Document One will be the first signing to our record label, Max Records. We stumbled upon real talent with them and wanted to give them the exposure they deserve. We are massive fans of Document One since we first started getting involved with them 2 years ago and have collaborated on a few projects together already including, \’Praying For Silence\’ from our debut album, Evolution Theory. They are both extremely talented musicians as well as producers, we were blown away with their live show, and they always manage to produce original and unique compositions that we believe are the future of electronic music. This EP is just the beginning.”

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Emalkay – For the People EP

Emalkay – For The People EP – 4 Nov

Emalkay is one of the biggest bass music artists on the planet right now and he has constantly pushed barriers with his production.

Establishing himself as one of the Dubstep scene’s most exciting and innovative producers and with over 20 million combined views online for singles such as When I Look at You, Fabrication and Bring It Down, he’s now looking to develop his sound further.

He’s spent the last year nurturing that sound, taking time away from the live circuit to perfect his new EP, For The People. Stepping away from the confines of 140bpm and incorporating influences from other genres, this is the next stage of an artist’s evolution.

AEI were so blown away they gave Emalkay his own imprint: Bring It Down Records. And with a video for Tell Me in production and a remix EP scheduled for later this year, it’s looking to be a busy end to 2013 for Emalkay.

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