25 Reasons - INDI STAR ft. JD MCCRARY (Official Music Video Holiday 2020) ft. Vibe Crew

Haiiii, it's Indi Star! Please enjoy 25 Reasons - Indi Star ft. JD McCrary Official Music Video Holiday 2020 ft. Vibe Crew. I'm so excited to release my fifth original song (and first christmas holiday song) and official christmas music video! Subscribe for more fun video content featuring the Indigo Star and the Vibe Crew! Celebrate the christmas holiday season with Indi Star, JD McCrary and the Vibe Crew! This was such a fun holiday music video to film with All My Friends!

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On my Indi Star Youtube channel you can find some fun holiday season music videos that I create with my sister, my brother and all my friends from the Vibe Crew LA! I’m a girl who’s passion is music (this song is a christmas song) and entertainment. I’m originally from Boston Massachusetts and I now live in sunny Los Angeles!

Vibe Crew - @Vibe Crew

Music Video Cast (instagram handles):


Written By, Indigo Star Carey, JD McCrary, Tia Rice, Brandon Stanley, Shayon Daniels, Nicci Funicelli
Produced By, JENGA Productions
Recorded at, JENGA Productions
Mixed and Mastered By, Jim Funicelli at JENGA Productions

Special thanks to (instagram handles):

Music Produced by: @jengaproductions @niccimusic @shayonmusic
Music Mixed & Mastered by @jimfoon
MV Cinematography & Editing: @stackingmemories
HMUA: @flawless_imagez

Thanks to members of the Vibe Crew for joining me in my holiday music video:

Artyon: @Artyon Celestine
Corrine Joy: @Corinne Joy
Elliana Walmsley: @Elliana
Evan Hernandez:
Gianina: @GiaNina's Journey
JD McCrary: @JD McCrary
Lexi Hernandez:
Lexy Kolker: @lexykolker
Madison Rojas:

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25 Reasons - INDI STAR ft. JD MCCRARY (Official Music Video Holiday 2020) ft. Vibe Crew
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