Dog Porch Potty Build Video

In this video I show how I built my dog porch potty. If you are wanting to see a porch potty for dogs DIY video then you came to the right place. When you are porch potty training your dog you will need a nice place for it do go to the bathroom. This porch potty for dogs can be built using simple supplies from your home improvement store. It was important for me to have a dog porch potty with a drain so that there is less clean up. The dog porch potty grass that I used is fake. All of the supplies for this dog porch potty DIY project were easy to find and work with. Some people go all out when making a dog patio potty and I decided that for my dog patio potty system I would keep it simple. The drain on this dog patio potty DIY build is just pond tubing. This porch potty for large dogs or small dogs works great for my golden retriever puppy. I hope that the porch potty assembly instructions that I show in the video are easy to understand. My goal is to give you a general idea of how to build a custom dog porch potty so that you can go build one yourself.
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