you’re invited to our POOL PARTY!
but first we gotta find all my friends!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! My family took our very first Road Trip together with baby Navey!! We went to a big house in southern Utah and it was so much fun!! One thing the house had was a giant pool area with rock climbing, cliff jumping, and even rock slides!! When I saw it for the first time I knew that I wanted to have a pool party with all of my new friends!! When I went to find my friends they were all gone!! I knew that we were now in a giant game of hide n seek! If i wanted to have a pool party I had to find my friends!! I took my mom, dad, and Niko across the whole backyard and around the pool to find my friends hiding!! There were a lot of great hiding spots like under some funiture, in the rocks, on a tree, and even in the storage shed!! While we were looking for my friends we found a lizard!! My dad caught him and we invited him to our pool party!! After we found everyone, we could finally have our party! It was so fun swimming and jumping off of cliffs!! I loved making new friends and playing games with them!!

my last video - Squirrel Family HiDE N SEEK
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