10 Animals That Saved Human Lives

Have you ever been in grave danger in the wild or while out at sea but saved by an animal? Even if you weren’t, this video will show you how animals care not just for their own kind but humans too. Animals possess a rare sense of empathy and motherly instinct that even humans cannot match. Even science has proved how dolphins and beluga whales have an affinity for humans but while such things are not rare, what’s surprising is being saved by a bear or maybe a large Moose. There are animals as small as Beavers who possess the instinct to provide love and care to a human and as for dogs, well, they aren’t man’s best friend for nothing. From the spectacular Beluga whale Mia who became famous to a man who escaped from the jaws of a mountain lion all because of a bear, check out this amazing video of ten animals that saved human lives. Number 1 especially should not be missed because that’s a dramatic tale of animal heroism at its best.

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