10 Wild Animals Caught On Camera During Lockdown

10 Wild Animals Caught On Camera During Lockdown

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10 Wild Animals Caught on Camera during Lockdown

If you’re watching this video in 2020, it’s probably because you’re locked inside your house, following your government’s efforts to stop the spread of a deadly virus. And if you’re watching this video in 2021 or any other future year, I just hope that the virus stopped spreading and that now you’re free to go out and enjoy the world. Now, lockdowns have been some of the most strict and challenging things that most of us had to go through. However, not everything is that bad. Thanks to the fact that a lot of people were inside their houses, the animal kingdom took over the streets of the cities and a lot of other places that are usually crowded by humans, leaving little to none room for animals to roam free. Today we’ll be looking at “10 Wild Animals Caught on Camera during lockdown.” We’ll explore different parts of the world and witness some of the most amazing sights that happened during lockdown. When you see my top pick for the day, you’ll be glad to know that no humans were around when these animals came out. Let’s check them out.

Wild Boars in Israel

Some people find them cute, but some people are not so fond of them. And even though they’re not really threatening, wild boars and humans prefer to stay at a distance from each other. However, things changed in the municipality of Haifa in Israel as the authorities began to notice there were wild boars roaming their community. Usually, wild boars would sneak into Haifa and search for food in the different restaurant dumpsters around town. But when the lockdown started, more wild boars began to show up and since the restaurants were closed, the wild boars began to feast on people’s trash cans. The amount of wild boars was so high, that Haifa’s authorities had to have a zoom meeting to address the problem. They surely love animals, but they didn’t want them to disturb people’s neighborhoods. But not all the people seemed to care - many of them actually provided meals to the boars, which of course, the government was not approving of. But what can you do when you love animals and they come to you? Of course you wanna pet and feed them! Just make sure you don’t give them anything that could compromise their health. That would be unfortunate.

Flamingos in Albania

The sight of a bird in the wild might not be a big deal for most of us. But when you look at this lake in Albania, you can see that the amount of flamingos in the area is anything but ordinary. After all, some birds enjoy solitude and just like most other animals, flamingos feel more comfortable when there are no humans around. Authorities reported that there were at least 3,000 flamingos in different lagoons on the country’s western coast line. Thousands of them got together at Narta Lagoon, a popular spot that flamingos used for mating after flying all the way from the African continent and the southern part of the Mediterranean. With no tourists in sight, flamingos have enjoyed the setting without anyone distracting them. According to an environmental expert, the lockdown has made this the “time for love” and it’s really showing.

Pigeons in Germany

Birds are not only in remote and exotic places. A lot of them are very near to us. If you live in a city, you probably know a park or two where people gather to feed pigeons. So what happens when there are no humans outside to feed them? Well, that’s what a German animal rights group is trying to figure out. There are photos of different cities that show pigeons in a lot of random places - some of them are even inside shopping centers and other buildings where they normally would not stay for too long. The animal rights group is trying to raise awareness since the lack of human activities means there are no leftovers or nice people to share food with these birds. What’s even worse is that the lockdown happened right in the middle of breeding season, which means that a lot of young birds could die if their parents don’t find any food for them. So, if you are in Germany or any other city around the world, don’t hold back on your left overs and share some with the birds!
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