The funniest wild animal encounters caught on camera!

As an animal filmmaker, one often deals with lots of strange old birds. No wonder, that so much can go wrong. After a long day of filming, a surprise awaits at the camp: Wolves have been looking for chocolate biscuits! Yet these are not the only things that can happen in the Arctic. Yann Sochaczewski is out and about in the magnificent Grand Canyon. On his raft on the Colorado River, he risks life and limb in doing so. In Australia, Thoralf Grospitz and Jens Westphalen play cat and mouse with an odd bird, that turns out to be a real entertainer. In the Serengeti, Reinhard Radke despairs of the many tourists who constantly walk in front of his lens. Wildlife filmmakers travel around the world for these very encounters. They bring nature into our living rooms, experience the beautiful, the saddest and the most poignant moments. And many funny ones.
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