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Animals fighting usually makes people think of a pair of male lions, bloodstained with teeth
exposed. But the conflict in the natural world goes far beyond that. In fact, many showdowns are,
well, less showy, and involve clever and even downright odd defenses. There's something
exciting and different about animals fighting, like who's going to win? But it's also interesting to
see how animals evolve to cope with our wild world. Every kind of animal fights with other
species and sometimes its own to survive in the brutal but magnificent animal kingdom. So,
without making you wait longer, let us look at 10 of the craziest animal fights that were caught
on camera.
Number 10.) Crocodile surprise attacks wildebeest
This is not for the weak-hearted people. One thing you need to know about crocodiles is that they
are absolutely vicious animals. Like a lion who is the king of the forest, crocodiles are the kings
of forest waters. No one is allowed to get into their territory. If some innocent animal does
wander off there, it just might be their last day. the pack of wildebeest has found this river on a
hot summer day. it looks perfect for a dip and drinking all the water they can. Most of them don’t
even know what a crocodile is so they are not thinking about any danger. While drinking water, a
crocodile attacks them out of nowhere and grabs one wildebeest by the throat. It is his last day on
earth. The other wildebeest watch the showdown from afar and thank god that they have been
spared. But they are not aware of the fact that three hundred crocodiles live in the Grumeti river.
Wildebeest have never seen a crocodile before so they are not sure of how much danger they are
in. They go back in the water to drink and again get attacked by crocodiles. This time four
wildebeest lose their life. Now the pack of wildebeest has learned its lesson and all of them run
back to the plain in their own territory.

Number 9. kangroo boxing fight
For Kangroos, the greatest challenges come from within their own society. The male kangroo
only needs to learn one key lesson in his life: to get to the top of the food chain, he needs to fight.
The kangroos, just like humans, have to train for years to be able to fight. The battle is brutal and
bloody. The winner has all the access to the female kangroos, so the effort is worth it. There is
only one king of a meadow just like this kangroo. He stands eight feet tall and not everyone can
fight him. But there is one kangroo who wants female interaction too, and for that, he needs to
win against the king kangroo. When both of them square up, every other kangroo clears up the
area for them. And the battle begins. The kangroos start hitting each other. Unlike in human
boxing, kicking below the belt is perfectly fine when it comes to kangroo fighting. They risk
broken bones and internal injuries. And after a while, it's all over. The champion beats the
challenger, well at least for now. They will definitely have a go at each other once again.

Number 8.) Hungry polar bear ambushes seal
Polar bears are dangerous animals but it has been recorded that at not-so-cold time of the year in
Antarctica, the polar bears on average succeed after 20 hunts. If the bear is skinny, it might just
no be enough. Polar bears live in snow so hunting is hard as there is nothing to hunt there except
for seals and fish. This polar bear has found a seal lying around. It is time to hunt. The bear takes
a dip in the water and gets closer to the seal. The seal suspects nothing and when the bear attacks
from behind, it gets scared and runs for its life by jumping in the water. Unfortunately, the bear
can also swim. After a few seconds, the bear comes out, with the seal in its mouth. Incredibly,

the bear has caught the seal underwater. This tells us how dangerous this animal is on and off the

Number 7.) snow leopard hunting
Just like other animals, male markhors fight their own kinds for the right to breed with the
female markhors. They fight on the Himalaya hills and have if they fall, they don’t survive. But
that isn’t the only danger they are facing.
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