Boys And Girls - Swimming Pool Battel || Funny Pranks on Pool & Types of People in Waterpark

Boys And Girls - Swimming Pool Battel || Funny Pranks on Pool & Types of People in Waterpark

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YOLO Gen Z - You only live once - Funniest Moments by Gen Z
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YOLO Gen Z – is an animated series that shares stories about students at a high school. In the series, you will meet the very funny and lovely Gen Z. You will find interesting stories about life, love, friendship, and the teacher-student relationship. The animated series includes funny and awkward situations, jokes, pranks, and even crazy challenges, sometimes magic. Gen Z experiences will give you a time full of fun and humor. So don't miss it!
: A studious, intelligent, serious and, gentle boy. He is one of the targets of pranks created by Kai. He has the ability to run so fast that no one can keep up.
: He owns 6 pack abs, is very good looking and rich, even though he studied poorly, he loves justice, often standing up to mediate quarrels and fights in school. Looks muscular and strong on the outside, but only to cover up the soft inside. He has the superpower to go invisible anytime he wants.
3. Kai:
he is very lazy to study, his academic results are always first in his class but from the bottom up. Not only that, but he is also a trouble marker, very naughty, and always thinking of pranks on teachers and friends. Drake has the ability to create fire.
4. Marry: she's very girly, chic and delicate, she likes the color pink, and has the ability to move things.
: She is a beautiful, cheerful and calm girl. Celina has the ability to freeze anything she wants.
6. Ciara: she looks unusual and dangerous. But Ciara has a personality completely opposite of what others think. Aggressive on the outside, but weak on the inside, sometimes clumsy. Ciara can control the mind of others.
7. Sophie: a quiet girl with a strong passion for learning, she is absorbed in exploring knowledge. She is always the one with the highest score on every exam. Sophie has the ability to control time.
: She loves snacks, a bit sassy. She has the ability to move in space. Neil can go where she wants in seconds.
: She is a fastidious teacher, aged but still unmarried, very strict with students, and sometimes becomes the object of student pranks. She owns many kinds of magic.

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