BTS of the Animal Talking Sunday Session- Kenny Fong Vlog #5

Behind the scenes footage of our recording session Sunday (July 19th, 2020) for Gary Whitta's show, "Animal Talking!" We assembled the full 10-piece band to give the theme it's full justice and shot a music video as well- the tune had never been performed live with a full band, it was a shock to hear it come to life with a loud room full of sound! We set up five cameras, a full mixing board and a ton of lighting to capture it all at once.

This in general has been such a unique experience for me, and was one of the main reasons why I wanted to start doing more content creations as I knew I was going to be going on the show. This was perhaps the biggest project that I've taken on, editing two music videos and two covers, with the turnaround being about two half days. Hopefully my video editing practice paid off! Given the platform, I wanted to represent myself the best I could on the show and audience!

If you want to catch the whole show, you can find it on Gary Whitta's YouTube or Twitch channel:

Hope you enjoy the video! I'm planning to post highlights of the interview on my next vlog!

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Saxophone: SaxoFong (Kenny Fong)
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