Diamond Dogs - Singin' with Elvis (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Singin' with Elvis by Diamond Dogs of their album, Recall Rock 'n' Roll and the Magic Soul
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I went down to the corner
Next to the old joint where we always hung out all night But no one was waiting and there was no way to get in And the club had turned out the light

So I walked down the street where we all used to meet But it was all dark and quiet When I got picked up by a Cadillac He said boy there's no turning back
You'll be singing with Elvis tonight

Singing love me tender
Mama that's alright
An unchained melody
You're singing with Elvis tonight

And we drove through my hometown
All the places I've been around
Then straight down the highway south
The driver said Listen
Can you hear the whistle?
The King is calling you out

There at the end of the road
There'll be one hell of a show
And son you're next to go on
But there won't be no encore
Even if if they want more
It's a curfew and then you'll be gone
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