Scary Robber House Pranks 3d Thief Games | All Levels | GamePlay Walkthrough Part 1 ( iOS, Android )

Scary Robber House Pranks 3d Thief Games | All Levels | GamePlay Walkthrough Part 1 ( iOS, Android )

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There's a kid whose parents are going on a business trip and left him alone at home in free scary games. In the night when he went to sleep what he sees from the window is that two robbers are entering his house which awakens his mischief side in this home clash 3d scary games And he decided to punish these robbers rather than calling the police for help to become the pranks champ of 3d robber games. There comes the twist in this thief game that makes him regret his decisions. He then arranges pranks for robbers in this robbery game scary stuff fun. In the first round, he puts an anchor on the ceilings right inside of the main door of the scary house, as the robbers enter the house from the door, the anchor hits them in scary robber games and eventually hurts one of them and the other one runs away in this scary robber horror game. In the 2nd round, the robbers try to enter from the window but the kid already guesses it and finds a gun flamethrower in the house and set to the window in a scary thief simulator. When the robber enters the house from the window in the scare scary robber games, the flamethrower throws its flame on the head of the robber making him shriek.

There will be many different pranks that kids will do with those robbers and these pranks are scary, entertaining, and adventurous. This thief game is a perfect match for those who had ever faced these kinds of situations before and they weren't able to take revenge on him at that time so, they can play this scary game as it is full of fun and adventurous pranks. It's a really addictive, funny and thriller. If someone will start playing this scary game he / she won't stop playing this creepy game. The story of this robber game is really interesting you'll have an idea about it after playing it and you'll become curious to see what prank will be done by the kid in the next level.

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