How To Do 5 EASY Magic Tricks!

Ever wanted to learn magic the fun and easy way? Now you can in this new episode of How To Magic. Make a straw float in mid air or disappear without a trace! All this and more easy DIY magic tricks in this fun magic tutorial video! Thumbs up for more magic!

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Supplies You'll Need ↴
Water • Cup • Paper • Marker • Paper Towel • Spoon • Food Coloring • Straw • Coin Slide • Plastic

Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video ↴
0:00 | Introduction
0:37 | Arrow Flip Water Trick
2:22 | Magic Crying Spoon Revealed
3:45 | Water to Wine Magic Fridge
4:48 | Impromptu Floating Straw Trick
6:13 | Magic Coin Box Trick Revealed
7:49 | Impossible Straw Vanish Tutorial

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