Giant Dogs Refuse To Leave Baby's Bed While She Sleeps! (CUTEST VIDEO EVER!!)

Hey guys! This is one of our cutest videos yet! All the pets had the chance to snuggle up to Mia as she fell asleep late on our bed while she was having a bottle. We were confused why all the pets were lingering around in our bedroom and slowly but surely they one by one got up and wanted to be beside her!

Niko even came back for a second time jealous that Milo was getting too much Mia time and accidentally trapped him haha. Niko has such a motherly instinct she follows Mia everywhere to protect her and even blocks her from the stairs! She's started playing with the ball together with Mia too we'll get some of those videos up too!

Hope you enjoyed watching and wanted to stroke Phil more than Mia did haha.

Love from all the family xx
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