Giant Dogs And Baby Have a Pool Party!! [CUTEST VIDEO!] Mia's First Pool

this was filmed on another extremely hot day for the uk. We keep Mia in the shade under the trees in our garden when we are outside but we thought why not get her a pool while the weather is good. Who would have thought that Niko enjoyed it the most! We filled it with nice warm water for Mia so she was happy but all she wanted to do was watch Niko having fun over the slide and running through the fountain!
Phil of course saw a body of water that he was directed towards and had recollections of a bath so evaded it! He's such a strange bear sometimes!
Milo skulks in at 8 minutes to check out the contraption wearily and was having none of it! it was up for a couple of days but sadly the weather has gone back to it's miserable self again and it's been raining for two days now! Luckily we filmed some content n the nice weather for you including our own giant 12 foot pool we set up for all of us and Milo in a boat! Stay tuned for that

Remember we are set up for fan mail if you wanted to write in for our reveal video on Niko's birthday in July. We're saving all the post that comes to do a video, people have been sending packages from amazon and letters it's so exciting!

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From all the furry gang, love you all xx
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