Giant Fluffy Guard Dogs Protect Sleeping Baby (Cutest Video Ever!!)

Poor little Mia tired herself out in the garden. Both the giant fluffy clouds were waiting by her and guarding until she woke up but Niko got bored and went to play with a ball while Phil smelt food somewhere! Milo on the other hand stayed loyal and true beside Mia until she woke up only to be tortured by her pulling on his lead haha. Clearly Milo is so chilled he didn't even care, he adores her too much!

Don't forget it's Niko's birthday tomorrow YAY! We will be opening up the parcels some time after work and filming it so it should be up in the next couple of days! I think all the pets got something and Mia too from who the parcels were addressed to!

Thanks for all your support and kind comments guys, it makes putting in the effort and sharing our family and journey with you worth it. Lots of love from all the gang. xx
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