WOW! Buster Builds a SNOWMAN! | Go Buster! | Bus Cartoons for Kids! | Funny Videos & Songs

It’s Christmas and whilst everyone else is having fun, Buster the Bus is bored! With the help of his Robin friend, Buster sets out to pass the time by building a Snowman - a Snowman that might just have a surprise in store for them!

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Buster is a sweet little bus who loves playing. He has a lot to learn about the world and he is always faced with different little challenges to overcome. He loves a giggle which he loves to share with his friends.

Buster Builds A Snowman 0:00
Buster's First Snowy Christmas 2:02
Digley And The Avalanche Song 4:05
Digger Builds a Wobbly Birthday Ice Cream 6:08
Buster And The Boxes 8:12
Frozen Buster 10:13
Buster Delivers a Letter to Santa Song 12:16
Magic Buster's Rainbow Super Power 14:17
Yes, Yes! Help Your Friends 16:22
Santa’s Broken Sleigh - Buster Saves the Day 18:20
Bandit Bus Strikes Again - Save the Baby Lion 20:23
Buster's New Tires 22:25
Buster On Ice 24:25
Buster and the Sleigh - Song 26:24

Buster the bus, is a bored little bus
all he wants is to have some fun!
But what can he do when he’s on his own
oh poor little buster is so glum!

Tweet Tweet

Oh did you hear that little tweet tweet,
Little robin has come to play!
Tweet tweet where is little robin?
He must have flown away!

Oh there he is, friendly little robin
Tweeting as he flies
Buster it’s time to have some fun!
Robin has a great surprise

So off they go, into the snow
I wonder what’s in store
Tweet tweet little robin has a scarf
what can we use that for?

Oh buster what a great idea!
You can build up all this snow
With three snowballs and a little bit of magic
You’ll build a snowman! Yay let’s go Wow

Its nearly there, it's looking great!
Look at little robin go!
A stripy scarf, coal for buttons
Where did little robin just go?

Oh there he is, with a carrot for a nose
We must be nearly there!
He just needs one final touch
But what is it and where?


A gust of wind, blows along
A perfect tall top hat!
Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet!
Why don’t we just use that!

The snowman has come alive
Well done Buster the bus!
Now you have another friend!
To play with and be joyus!

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