WOW! Buster Plays Baby Shark! | Go Buster! | Bus Cartoons for Kids! | Funny Videos & Songs

Come play with Buster in the ocean as we play with the Baby Shark family!

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Buster is a sweet little bus who loves playing. He has a lot to learn about the world and he is always faced with different little challenges to overcome. He loves a giggle which he loves to share with his friends.

Baby Shark Family - Playing in the Ocean 0:00
Buster and Scout Get Lost In The Maze! 1:58
Tidying up Toys Is Fun with Friends! 4:00
I Am Buster 6:01
Trouble at the Carwash - Super Friends to the Rescue 8:04
Buster the Hero Fire Truck Saves the Day 10:05
Cowboy Buster 12:05
Buster And The Sleepy Train 14:05
Buster's Bubble Bath 16:04
Buster's Bubble Bath 18:08
Buster and Friends Stand Up to Bandit the Bully 20:12
Buster and the Spooky Pumpkin - Halloween Hero 22:17
There's a Grizzly Ghost at the Haunted Farm! - Halloween Special 27:21
Wobbly Tooth on Halloween - Too Much Candy! 29:24
Stand Up to Bullies 31:26
Buster Builds A Snowman 33:23
Buster Plays Skittles 35:23
Buster And The Boxes 37:25
Oh No! Buster’s Stuck in the Slimy Green Puddle 38:55
It's Race Day! - Cheating Is Bad 40:27
Happy Birthday Digley - Birthday Present Surprise! 42:26
Accidents Happen 44:25
Buster And Digger Find Shapes 46:28
Stuck In The Mud 48:27
Buster And The Sandcastle 49:59
ABC Phonics Song 51:59
Buster In The Ocean 53:59
Buster the Wizard - Magic Spell Book 55:59
Hot Air Balloon Trouble - Buster and Friends to the Rescue 58:01
Buster and the Bully Bandit Bus 1:00:04

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